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State of Nevada DIR adoption of fee schedule for telemedicine

A Guide for the Consumer of Online Telemedicine or Virtual Healthcare Visits

Type your paragra​​We provide services to the injured workers via telemedicine services that include occupational medicine and surgery utilizing the latest technology in telehealth and state-of-the-art, secure, electronic health record (EHR).  

Our mission is providing Safe and Effective Healthcare for All.  We practice evidenced-based medicine with the goal of early return-to-work and functional restoration.  We are contracted with all the major WC carriers.

It is Good that we have excellent healthcare in the larger cities of the U.S., but it would be Great to have these services available to the entire country and the world.

Human Touch (the laying of human hands) vs. Human Connection (the feeling of being cared for and being heard; meeting of the hearts):  We believe that the Human Connection is the vital part of a provider-patient interaction and this is not only preserved, but is actually enhanced via telemedicine with improved provider and patient engagement.ph here.